Plastic Recycling in London

Plastics are used in every conceivable product and there are a variety of Polymer types that sometimes can be confusing when separating plastics for recycling. Sadly many plastics end up in landfills and can take hundreds of years to degrade, making it harmful to the environment. At Powerday, we provide a comprehensive plastic recycling service, ensuring no reusable plastic goes into landfill.

Taking waste plastic materials from a variety of industries, processing them at our dedicated recycling centre in London, we provide a way for our clients to boost their green credentials while removing the need to manufacture more plastic.

No matter where you’re based in London, we have multiple sites and a fantastic fleet of vehicles to help us recycle all of your plastics and make best use of them. We’ve developed our expertise and knowledge for over 30 years, bringing you an efficient service to meet your environmental goals.

To learn more about our plastic recycling process, or to discuss your collection and disposal requirements, simply get in touch with our professional team today. With facilities based in Willesden, Brixton and Enfield we are the right company for you.

Contact our team today on 020 3858 0504