Plasterboard Recycling

Plasterboard can come from a multitude of different places, from refurbishment projects to demolition sites, at Powerday we provide dedicated plasterboard recycling no matter what industry you work in.

In order to prevent waste plasterboard going into landfill sites, we recycle these materials to be put back into use – this also means fewer virgin resources are used up to create new plasterboard.

At our recycling site in London we take delivery of plasterboard waste, but also operate a vast fleet for the collection and disposal of all of your plasterboard. Serving the region for over 30 years, we bring all our expertise to bear to help you boost your environmental credentials.

Contact us today to discuss your plasterboard recycling requirements or to learn more about our processes – we’re always happy to help. With facilities based in Willesden, Brixton and Enfield we are the right company for you.